Our Farmers

Corbicula is local. 

While most pollen and honey in supermarkets and health food stores today is mass gathered in foreign countries (check your labels) all Corbicula pollen and honeys are gathered in the Lower Mainland of BC, and in prairies of Saskatchewan.

Carolyn Essaunce


Carolyn spent 10 years as a Commercial Pilot, including 4 years in Northern Canada as a bush pilot, before partnering with an Organic Farm in South Surrey and starting a seasonal CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Through farming she discovered pollinators and fell in love with honeybees. She took her first beekeeping course in 2015 and has since graduated from the KPU Commercial Beekeeping Program, worked under 3 commercial beekeepers, had a baby, and completed her Beemasters at UBC. Carolyn is now the Chief Beekeeper for KPUs 400 colony operation and the owner of The Honest to Goodness Farm Company, a 50 colony operation that uses revenue from a host-a-hive program to support native pollinator habitat. Through her business she also offers mentorship to beekeepers and hosts a podcast, The Honest Bee, aimed at educating beekeepers in Canada. Carolyn is one of the 3 partners who own and operate Corbicula. She focuses on beekeeping, pollen processing and managing our farmer partnerships.

Casey Aelbers

Casey is a graduate of the KPU Commercial Beekeeping Program and takes precious time away from traveling the world to connect with pollinators. She is one of the 3 owners of Corbicula and her hives are in Aldergrove and South Surrey BC. Casey runs all of our Farmers Markets so don't be a stranger, come out and meet her!

Jason Essaunce

Jason grew up next door to a beekeeper. He often helped take care of the bees. Later in life, this hobby grew into a business interest. Jason wanted to take on the challenge of introducing a new quality product to Canada. This resulted in the creation of Corbicula. Jason focuses on pollen processing and managing farmer partnerships. 

Kirsten Brolin

Kirsten is a student currently enrolled in the KPU Commercial Beekeeping Program and operates 50 colonies of her own. She has an amazing line of infused honeys which you can find at the White Rock farmers market every second week as Bee Kind Honey Infusions! When she's not beekeeping, you can find Kirsten wandering Campbell Valley on horse back.