About Us

Meet The Makers 

(Photo: Left  - Jason, right - Carolyn)

Corbicula Pollen was a seed that germinated in Jason’s brain for years. When the time was right, he rallied his wife, Carolyn - the bee farmer & pollen expert, to make the dream come true. A passion they continue to share is local, high quality bee pollen - an incredibly underserved market. Over many croissants and craft beers, these 2 continue to design, develop and produce with the highest standards.

About Our Pollen

What sets Corbicula Pollen apart from other bee pollen on the market is both our processing standards and our source diversity. Honeybees will go through great lengths to collect pollen from as many sources as possible for a holistic diet.
Most bee pollen available on the market is yellow which comes predominantly from canola or grain crops from the prairies. At Corbicula our pollen is all the colours of the rainbow! We go through great lengths to trap our own pollen and blend it with our partnering farmers from coast to coast to provide maximum nutritional benefits, as nature intended!
Our Wild Forage bee pollen is then dried at hive temperature, gently cleaned by our custom processing equipment and held frozen until it’s ready for market to insure the highest quality and preserve every single beneficial enzyme.

Our Mission

We thrive to bring authentic, minimally processed, diverse bee pollen to market. Our bees are managed in the most sustainable way possible with consideration for both the honeybees themselves, and the local environment.
Corbicula Pollen rose from the question: "Where does store bought bee pollen come from and are any of the beneficial properties preserved by the time it gets to my kitchen?"

With so many bee products coming in from China and packaged as premium products, we bring you a Canadian brand you can trust.